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ACES Accounting for Circular Economy and Sustainability

Innovative training solutions in higher education facilitating accounting for the circular economy

Circular Economy regulation is pushing the appearance of circular business models. However, hardly any Higher Education Institutions have included circular accounting training in their curriculum. Completion of the ACES project will enhance the knowledge and skills of business students, teachers, and practitioners about the current and future Circular economy accounting practices and methods by developing teaching materials and innovative digital learning solutions in HEIs across the EU

The overall aim of the ACES project is to increase business leaders’, financial management accountants’, investors’ and policy-makers´ knowledge of current Circular economy accounting methods. This helps them to assess what to apply in their business, what metrics to be used to analyse investment potential and how to ensure the standardization of concepts in Circular Economy business models and accounting and Circular economy and managerial reporting. In addition, these should include the dimensions of the sustainable development i.e., social, economic and environmental performance.

ACES project aims to prepare easy to use digital learning material for teachers to use and can be easily included in both curriculums and courses. The same learning material can be used by entrepreneurs or accountants needing to update their knowledge and competence.

The ACES project brings together the latest knowledge and best business practices on financial and managerial accounting for Circular Economy in the context of the EU’s evolving regulatory landscape. The results include three learning modules and an innovative pedagogical teaching guide. The resulting framework of Circular Economy accounting is disseminated among business educators and company representatives, increasing understanding about the role of accounting to support the transition to Circular Economy.

Duration 1.11.2022- 30.6.2025