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Upcoming ACES ERASMUS+ Partner meeting, Helsinki Finland 28.3.-29.3.2023

We are thrilled that the ACES partnership, which has long existed and developed only online and virtually, is finally meeting face to face. What, at this extraordinary opportunity, are we planning to do?

By the date, the ACES project will be reaching a stage where the knowledge base has been built up to the point where we can start reflecting on the questions which we will ask from the companies that have adopted circular economy business models. An adequate knowledge base has been building up through a literature review from three different perspectives:

  • Business Models in Circular Economy and innovation
  • Managerial accounting in Circular Economy
  • Financial accounting in Circular Economy

After the workshops in Helsinki, we should be in a fairly robust position to approach companies of interest to us to ask them: What do we need to know about your circular economy and accounting related challenges? What good practices do you apply?

The ultimate goal for this work package (WP2) is that by autumn 2023, we will have the knowledge base to build the learning content for the project.

Of course, we hope that in addition to the long working days, we will have the opportunity to strengthen our good network and show our European partners the capital of Finland, Helsinki, in the spring-winter weather. So let’s hope for sunny weather.

Event is for invited partners only. Stay tuned, ACES will also organise public events!