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Milestones and focused work in Helsinki meeting  

The first face to face meeting of the ACES project in Helsinki, Finland in March 2023 was a great success. The working atmosphere was excellent, and everyone arrived well-prepared and contributed to the joint effort with their expertise in a focused way.  

It is also worth noting that ACES project has reached its first major milestone. Through the literature review, we have built up an adequate understanding about the relationship between the circular economy and accounting in the field of research. This allowed us to formulate questions to ask companies that have adopted circular economy models.  

During the two days of work, it became clear that there is a demand for the ACES project: accounting practices suited to the linear economy do not fully serve the needs of circular economy business models. The worst, they may even put them at a considerable disadvantage.  

In terms of project communication, we also achieved a clearer understanding of what is expected of the partners and what we want to communicate about ACES. This way, the public will hear about this project. Also, it is expected that the researchers involved in the project will have material for their research and publications.