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Core competence needs for circular economy financial administration identified 

At the ACES project team meeting in Alcala de Henares, Spain, in September 2023 the objectives set for the workshop were achieved. After three intensive days of work and some nine months of preparatory work, the team shared a common understanding of what added value in competence development ACES has to offer. 

After interviewing a fair twenty companies and conducting three different literature reviews on circular economy business models and circular economy financial administration, the ACES project team knows what kind of knowledge gaps companies have and what kind of understanding the literature can provide. 

In the workshop, the framework and elements of the upcoming ACES curriculum were thoroughly discussed. There was also room for fruitful reflection on what kind of micro-credentials will be developed for those in the working life. 

Since the aim is also to make learning interesting, effective and even fun, in the workshop different pedagogical and facilitative methods were tested. The aim is to use these methods also in the ACES pilot implementations and to get a practical sense of what kind of methods will be recommended in the final ACES pedagogical manuscript.